IntelliVal Automated Valuation – Property

April 25th, 2023
Are you looking to sell your property but you’re unsure of its value or if now is the right time to sell?

InfoTrackGO’s IntelliVal Automated Modelling reports can provide you with an approximate evaluation of your property’s worth without the hassle of hiring an appraiser.

Having a valuation certificate on hand can give you an edge in negotiations to ensure that you’re getting a fair price for your property. It’s also a valuable tool for prospective buyers who may be interested in your property, as it provides them with relevant  information upfront.

With InfoTrackGO, you can obtain an Automated Valuation Modelling report in 3 simple steps: 50x50x8 Search Search for the property address or folio/volume number
  50x50x9 Find Locate the ‘IntelliVal Automated Valuation’ report from our search options
 50x50x10 Receive Once you’ve completed your purchase, your report will be emailed within 1 hour

Don’t let the uncertainty of your property’s value hold you back from making a sale. Invest in an Automated Valuation Modelling report today and be confident in your property’s market value.